The Feed | September 5, 2019

The 911 call from the night of Kevin Hart’s car crash has been released.  Kevin had somehow made his way home from the car accident that left him badly hurt, and Eniko Hart called for emergency assistance.  Kevin is still in the hospital after back surgery, and will need months of rehab. 

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And here’s another story related to this.  Kevin was supposed to be the first guest on a new talkshow host by Kelly Clarkson. Since Kevin couldn’t make it, one of Kevin‘s closest friends, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson left his honeymoon early to fill in.  You would think The Rock’s wife would’ve been a little upset, but she encouraged it as she’s a big Kelly Clarkson fan.

While everyone else is talking about the first trailer for Will Smith’s new movie “Bad Boys For Life” with Martin Lawrence, I want to talk about Will’s son Jaden.  Jaden has a bottled water brand called Just Water.  It comes in cardboard bottles that are mostly sustainable and environmentally friendlier than plastic bottles.  He founded the sustainable brand in 2015, and it just hit a valuation $100 million.  

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And watch this guy on a rollercoaster in Spain, moving at 130km/h reach up and catch another person's phone that can flown out of their hands.  No matter what he does from now on in life, this will be the moment he always talks about. 





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