The Feed | September 4, 2019



Public debate has been swirling after this video apparently showing Kanye West digging in his right ear, then putting his finger in his mouth.  Is Kanye eating his earwax?  You can be the judge, but let me break this down.  It's certain that Kanye is a couple knuckles deep into that ear canal, and he definitely puts that same finger to his mouth.  I argue however Yeezy was removing something from the tip of his tongue, perhaps a hair, and was not in fact eating a lump of his own ear byproduct.  Case closed.




A guy broke into a home owned by Taylor Swift Friday, but he was very considerate.  26-year-old Richard McEwan was found by police inside Taylor's Rhode Island home barefoot.   The man said he was "looking for Taylor," and that he took his shoes off before walking in to "be polite."  This is the third guy since July to illegally enter the property.  The last one says he was looking to marry Swift.



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