The Feed | September 3, 2020

Dwayne Johnson and his family were recently COVID-19 positive.  The Rock posted an 11 minute video on Instagram this morning breaking it all down.
David Blaine made a spectacular ascension attached to a bunch of colorful weather balloons during a live stream of his latest stunt.  David floated above Arizona, reaching an altitude of about 25,000 feet before detaching and safely parachuting to the ground.   No, it didn’t break any height records - Felix Baumgartner went over 100,000 feet higher in 2012, parachuting from space- but it did break a YouTube record.  With over 770,000 live viewers, it was the most streamed live event on YouTube.  It was very fun to watch.


Two young girls were seen outside a California Taco Bell with their laptops using the Wi-Fi so they could access their distance learning.  The girls parents couldn’t afford Wi-Fi, so the girls were just sitting outside on the sidewalk taking their classes.  Somebody took a picture and posted it on Twitter, and boom, a go fund me page was set up. But he does not collected over $142,000, so now not only do the girls have Wi-Fi, but they have money to go to university later on.   The girls mother also says she wants to use some of the money to get them counseling, as the family has been in and out of homelessness.  
Probably not something you want to do on your next flight.  A mom traveling with her husband and kids decided to open an exit door and climb out onto the airplane wing and take a walk.  The Ukrainian Airlines flight had just landed in Kiev with the woman and her family, and everyone was exiting the plane. She apparently didn’t have much longer to wait to get out, but for some reason decided to go to the exit row and pop out for a stroll.  After being coaxed back in by airline staff, she was evaluated mentally and physically. Nothing was found in her system, but she has been banned from the airline.  

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