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Following up on that nasty car accident involving Kevin Hart, it looks like the actor and comedian underwent back surgery according to TMZ.  His wife Eniko, caught by paparazzi going into the hospital said Kevin is going to be “just fine.”  He may be in recovery at the hospital for a couple days.  The man driving the car, Kevin‘s friend Jared Black, was seriously injured and had to be airlifted to the hospital where he’s recovering. Jared’s wife was in the back of the vintage car and walked away without serious injury. 

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Justin Bieber wrote a 1000 word essay on Instagram about the perils of growing up famous, depression, and how his world is about to change for the better thanks to his new marriage.  Justin wrote about how his cars clothes and money didn’t satisfy him, and that he was 18 with no skills and millions of dollars with access to whatever he wanted.  Justin says he turned to some pretty hard illegal substances at 19 and abused all his relationships. He also says he became very resentful and disrespectful to women.  Bieber says at 20 he went from being one of the most loved and adored people in the world to being one of the most judged and hated.  Now, he says he’s in the best season of his life, marriage, and that he’s learning to be a good man. Justin is set to start that journey and get married September 30 according to TMZ. 

Hope you find time to read this it’s from my heart

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Well, look who turned up the Kanye West Sunday Service: Brad Pitt.  Word this isn’t Brad‘s first time at one of Kanye‘s get-together‘s. Pitt showed up at one of the services back in March, and was invited by Sia.  Hollywood is a funny place.  Kanye recently announced that he’s releasing an album next month that will have the same vibe and feel as his Sunday Service.

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And IS Shawn Mendes in LOVE?'s his answer to that question, asked by a fan:

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