The Feed | October 9, 2019

Kim Kardashian has taken up the case made famous in the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer.”  Kim has re-tweeted a letter written by Brendan Dassie who was accused of helping his uncle Steven Avery kill a woman.  Brendan was 16 at the time and if you’ve seen the documentary you know that the evidence against him is questionable.  Kim’s efforts have gotten a couple of people out of prison in the past year or so, so she could definitely help, should she decide to do a little more than tweet about it.
According to a royal reporter, which must be a fantastic gig, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are completely on the outs with the rest of the royal family.  You may have heard us talking about Prince Harry and Meghan suing a British tabloid for publishing a letter from Meghan‘s dad. Harry put out a statement saying that the intense media coverage reminds him of how his mother Dianna was treated by the press prior to her death. Well that action has caused embarrassment to the Royals according to this reporter.  
Does David Harbour know if his popular character Hopper is alive or dead following the last season of “Stranger Things?”  You’d think so...but you’d be wrong.  Unless he’s lying to us.  David did give the Duffer Brothers a call during an interview with Seth Meyers.


And huge news from Sony.  The company has announced when we can expect PlayStation 5.  Sony says it’s next generation video game console will appear in the holiday season of 2020, so a little more than a year away.  They also mention The new controller will feature haptic technology, and I had to look that up.  It means any technology that can create an experience of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user.  So I guess if you’re into feeling your games, the PS five will be your thing.

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