The Feed | October 15, 2020

Demi Lovato at the Billboard Music Awards, went hard against Donald Trump, performed her new song "Commander in Chief" on the NBC network last night - but it got a bit of an edit.  The network removed a big image of the word "VOTE" at the end of the song.  According to a source at the network, the song was already slamming the prez, they felt the "vote" message implied people should vote against him in the upcoming election, and they were trying to not be quite so political.  Of the song, Demi said yesterday, "I literally don't care if this ruins my career."  


Also at the Billboard Music Awards, John Legend performed the song "Never Break," and dedicated it to his wife Chrissy Teigen.  It was his first time in public following the tragic loss of their premature newborn baby.  
You can't see me get married!  That's what John Cena might be saying, as he privately wed girlfriend Shay Shariahtzideh.  We didn't even know they were engaged, but according to paperwork filed with the state of Florida, the couple was married three days ago in Tampa.  Shay was born in Iran, and is a Canadian citizen.  She works as a product manager of a tech company.  Congrats!  

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A man claims to have found a large disc-shaped UFO in Antarctica, all from the comfort of his home.  Check out the video.  Youtuber MrMBBB333 was sent cooadinates from some sharp-eyed (or very bored) Google Earth user, which led to what he says is circular object protruding through the melting ice.  What do you think?


A man says he's trained his vulture to fly with him while he paraglides - and there's video to prove it.  It's pretty cool!  Scott Mason says he's trained his bird to help him find thermal columns in the air to make his paragliding flights more "bird-like."  Whatever they're doing, it looks pretty cool.  The vulture even lands on Mason's selfie stick to take a break once in a while.

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