The Feed | October 11, 2021

Jared Leto since he got caught up in an anti-vaccination protest in Italy and was teargassed.  We have video from Jared‘s Instagram story showing protesters on the street along with police wearing riot gear and gas masks.   We don’t actually see the moment Jared gets hit with the teargas, but he said after that he called it a night. 
Amazon Prime will release a much-anticipated series based on the Lord of the Rings books.  They reportedly spent a ton of money on this production over the past several years to bring this to your eyeballs. Something will be different this time though - the hobbits.  In Peter Jackson’s original trilogy, all the hobbits were white, but we’re getting some diversity according to Sir Lenny Henry, Black British actor and comedian who says he’s going to be playing the hobbit along with other actors of color. Diversity in Middle Earth!  The series, which doesn’t have a title yet, should be out September of next year.  


90-year-old “Star Trek” star William Shatner’ s flight to space has been postponed.  The Blue Origin rocket was scheduled to blast off tomorrow, but due to forecasted winds, it;s been pushed to Wednesday.  
The other day Shatner was talking to Anderson Cooper on CNN and talked about the trip.




Is George Clooney interested in politics?  Watch this interview with the BBC to find out:


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