The Feed | November 4, 2019

It's been months since Demi Lovato has spoken publicly following her rehab stint to overcome some issues.  Now she has A LOT to say about body image and her ecovery at the Teen Vogue Summit.  Check it out!


Because the Internet is both a crowning technological achievement for humanity and also a cesspool of every negative thought anyone wants to publish, Normani was trolled on her Instagram after dressing as the 1979 version of legendary singer Cher.  One commenter said that Normani could be “Beyoncé or Rihanna or Janet, but no Cher is white respect her.”  Of course, because good wins over ignorance, Normani had lots of supporters, including Haley Bieber.  “There is absolutely nothing wrong with Normani dressing up as Cher for Halloween.  She can do it because she wants to, she is doing much better than you, you're behind a computer complaining about a costume. Stop being racist and get out of her page if you don't like it."

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