The Feed | November 19, 2020

Last night the “Fresh Prince of Bel Aire” reunion aired on HBO, with almost the entire cast. Of course missing was uncle Phil, Dr. James Avery who passed away in in 2013.  Here’s Will Smith talking about filming one of the shows most iconic and emotional scenes with Avery.  
Another interesting twist during this reunion was actress Janet Hubert. She appeared in the first three seasons of the show as Aunt Viv, but then was replaced by another actress. Ever since, Hubert has been very critical of Will and the rest of the cast for how they treated her. Even though she wasn’t part of the larger reunion, Will sat down with Janet and they talked it out for the first time.  
Things seem to of worked out because for the first time the two Aunt Vivs met on the old set, and everyone seems to have done some healing.  

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