The Feed | November 18, 2020

Lil Wayne’s is in trouble for illegally owning some guns.  This stems from an arrest last December when cops found him in possession of a firearm and ammunition, which he was not allowed to have due to a prior conviction.  The story goes, Weezy was on a private jet about to go on a holiday, when police searched it and found a gold plated gun, which he said was a Father’s Day gift. They also found bullets, a bunch of illegal narcotics, and $25,000 in cash.  Since Wayne’s was convicted of a crime and did jail time in 2009, this new charge could get him another 10-15 years in prison. He’ll be in court Dec 11.  

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Who is the sexiest man alive?  that is debatable, and definitely depends on whom you ask, but People magazine has been handing out the title for decades...and this year it’s Michael B. Jordan.  People usually gets the guy to sheepishly do one of these videos...and the humble “Black Panther” star obliged:
Dolly Parton is a world treasure.  She’s been a country music icon for decades, she’s incredibly sweet and wholesome, and now she’s trending because of how she’s helped in the research to find a vaccine for COVID-19.  Back in April Dolly donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University, which was testing an experimental drug on 1,000 volunteers.  That research led to Moderna Pharmaceuticals new vaccine which promises to be almost 95% effective.  Dolly, of course, is humble about her contribution:

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