The Feed | May 2, 2021


Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck a thing again?  The two were spotted in the same car over the weekend and sent the Internet on fire with speculation that the original Bennifer was back...  they were engaged back in 2003, before calling things off January 2004.   But TMZ swears they have a source that says they’re just friends, and have been for a long time. 
This is funny, a 19-year-old college student named Madison Kahout was back at home looking online for an apartment and signed on to live at a great place with reasonable price.  Only problem is, once she got there she realized she had signed up to live in a retirement community. So how is life living with a bunch of people who are several decades older than you? Turns out, pretty good!

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How about some good news? Disneyland is open again in California after being closed for more than a year.


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