The Feed | May 12, 2022


Word is the Dwayne Johnson is in talks to star in the next Aladdin movie. Exciting right, The Rock and Will Smith in the same film? But that’s not what this is. If this rumor is true, it would have Dwayne Johnson replacing Will Smith as Genie, likely another repercussion from The Slap.   Misreport is coming from website Giant Freakin’ Robot.   We don’t have any other details, this sounds just like talk. Aladdin two is currently scheduled for a 2025 release, and it hasn’t even started production yet… We do know that Guy Richie will return his director, and Naomi Scott and Mina Masud will come back in their roles… But at this point it’s all just speculation.  



Not really a spoiler, but in the new Top Gun sequel, Tom Cruise flies a super-secret next-generation fighter jet called “Darkstar.” Now, the jet isn’t real, but the model plane flown for filming nearly caused an international incident.  Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says the prop spy plane made for the movie looked so real that the Chinese government moved a spy satellite to get a look at it. It may not be a surprise that the jet looks so real… Top Gun crewmembers works with real jet maker Lockheed Martin on the design.  Top Gun: Maverick is in UAE cinemas May 26.


Chet Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks, is back in the news… This time for a cringey interview he did talking about his use of the Jamaican/Caribbean language patwais. Back in 2019 at the Golden Globes t spoke a bit of patois, and in this new interview, which I reiterate is cringe he, chetan says that he has brought the language back into pop culture…

Imagine you’re the only passenger on a plane when the pilot slumps over the controls and plunges you into a nose dive… What do you do? If you are Darren Harrison, you pull the pilots body out of the cockpit and take the controls. That’s what happened the other day when Darren’s pilot suffered a Health emergency, passing out at the controls. Darren got in contact with air traffic control in Palm Beach Florida, who helped guide him in. Fortunately the guy working at ATC was a flight instructor. Incredibly, Darren came in for a perfect Landing, despite no flying experience . 




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