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File this one under Did Not See That Coming.  Kanye West has been spotted on a holiday in France with model Irina Shayk.  Irina is the ex of Bradley Cooper, whom she shares a daughter with.  A source says Kanye and Irina were looking very coupley as they walked around a resort in the Provence region of France on his birthday.  As for how they know each other, she has walked in some Yeezy fashion shows in the past.  The two were photographed coming out of the same private jet yesterday.



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Mark Zuckerberg has gone viral for…spear throwing?  Zucks posted a video of his technique, and you know what?  He’s pretty good…  people also noticed that he’s wearing ear protection like you would wear when you’re shooting guns… Which is strange.   He also recently shared a video where he’s shooting bowling pins with a bow and arrow, on target every time. So if there’s ever a bowling pin zombie apocalypse, Mark is your guy.  




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It's been over 8 years, but "Gossip Girl" is coming back.  July 8 expect a whole new cast, which is much more diverse than the original, to scare up a New York private school. It's out July 8. 



It’s so cool to see graduations back in a somewhat normal setting.  Check out this principal serenading the Class of 2021 - Whitney Houston-style. Marcus Gause says he learned during the pandemic that we need more love, and wanted to express that to his students.  


Check out this incredible video from South Africa.  It shows a gas-refueling truck being crushed like an aluminum can by a huge African elephant. The driver does his best to stay back as a family crosses the road, but out of nowhere papa elephant comes rushing in from the side.  The driver was freaked out, as you can see from the dash cam, but wasn’t hurt. 



Looks like Lebron James will be switching his number from 23 to 6 next season for the Los Angeles Lakers.  If the report is true, Lebron will go back to the number he wore for the Miami Heat before becoming a Laker.  No word on exactly why he's making the change, but the new Space Jam film may have something to do with it - he's wearing that number in the film that hits theaters this summer. 



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