The Feed | January 23, 2020

Chris Martin unleashed on some thirsty autograph seekers in Los Angeles the other night. Chris had just come from doing a show with Coldplay at the Palladium in LA when some overzealous guys seeking his autograph became the target of his ire.  Basically his argument is to remember the human, especially when the autographs are probably going to end up on eBay.  Chris may have been in a bad mood after the show where he admitted that he forgot a few lyrics. 

Rihanna was spotted hanging out with Drake around the same time news of her breaking up with boyfriend Hassan Jameel broke. Rihanna was spotted standing next to Drake at an A$AP Rocky concert in New York City on January 17th, sparking rumors that she's dating either Drake or A$AP. Or both? The tabloids get a little OTT with these things.  Rihanna and billionaire Hassan were together for about 2 and 1/2 years.



Lots of new music documentaries are coming out soon. Billie eilish has one, so does Justin Bieber. And now we're seeing the first trailer for a Netflix doc about Taylor Swift called "Miss Americana.". It deals with her year-long absence from the spotlight, and how she says she came out of it a better person. It releases on Netflix January 31st.


The song from Netflix's The Witcher "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" was apparently such a jam for some fans that it's now available to stream online.  The show's whole soundtrack will come out tomorrow.  And if you want to meet the man himself, Witcher/Superman star and the fantasy running wild in my girlfriend's mind will be in Dubai to meet fans and sign autographs in March.  Here are the details.



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