The Feed | February 18, 2020

We are learning a lot more about Demi Lovato‘s overdose back in July 2018. It’s all in the new trailer for the documentary “Dancing with the Devil.”  It’s pretty shocking. Demi says she suffered three strokes and a heart attack at the time and was 5 to 10 minutes away from dying. Watch the trailer - The documentary, which will also cover her two month engagement, is out March 23 on YouTube.



Serena Williams walked out after getting emotional during a press conference following her Australian Open loss to Naomi Osaka in straight sets.



Courteney Cox shared a video today of her playing the “Friends” theme song on the piano - she captioned the video, “How’d I do?”  I have to say she did great!  At the end you can hear Matthew Perry’s voice, which may actually be audio from the show, not the actor himself… This appears to be on some kind of set, maybe in preparation for the “Friends” reunion… But we just don’t know.  
A new series based on the Addams Family character Wednesday is coming to Netflix.  Netflix made the announcement in a tweet, and announced that original Director Tim Burton will be in charge of the series.  It will mark the legendary film director’s first television directing gig.  The 8 episode series will document Wednesday’s psychic abilities and her investigation of a “monstrous killing spree in the local town,’’ all while attending the peculiar Nevermore Academy.  
The Gremlins are back.  If you don’t know, gremlins were the sometimes cute, sometimes terrifying critters from the 1980s films produced by Steven Spielberg.  Now, thanks to a new Mountain Dew commercial, we see what they’re up to in 2021.  It features original star Zach Galligan as Billy, and it looks like he has a daughter now.  It’s not the only time we’re getting some gremlins action this year – HBO is coming out with a new animated series later this year.  


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