The Feed | August 8, 2019



Tyrese Gibsom talked some trash on Instagram after the numbers came in on the "Fast & Furious" spin-off filme "Hobbs & Shaw."  The movie made about $180 million for it's first weekend.  That sounds great, but it was the lowest box office opening weekend for a "F&F" film since 2006's "Tokyo Drift."   Tyrese said of the film (which he's not in), "Breaking up the family clearly does not have the value one would assume it does."  Gibson deleted the Instagram later,




You've probably seen actor Danny Trejo play a bunch of bad guys over the years in lots of films, but he played the hero yesterday in LA, after witnessing a car crash.  A woman ran a red light and crashed into another car, flipping her van over.  The woman was a grandmother, and her grandchild was still in the car, when Danny came to save the day. Check him out on the local news.  Danny also has an awesome taco shop in LA.  Maybe check it out if you're ever there to show him some love - he's often behind the counter.




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