Netflix Are Warning Viewers NOT To Take the #BirdBoxChallenge

While the new show Bird Box has become a Netflix sensation, it has also led to the first ridiculous challenge of 2019: The #BirdBoxChallenge.

The horror movie stars Sandra Bullock and is based on the idea of a mysterious force in the world that causes people to die if they see it. As a result, the characters in the movie go about their lives with blindfolds on and this has inspired viewers to try the challenge for themselves.

Videos of people doing things like riding scooters, crossing roads, putting on make up, running around the house, even driving cars while blindfolded have gone viral online and many have ended up injured and hospitalised.

Netflix have even had to release a statement asking people to be a little bit sensible:

Who comes up with these challenges anyway!? I mean, if someone told you to cross the road blindfolded you wouldn't right!? So WHY are we doing this because it's now a challenge with a hashtag!? I don't know.

Here are some examples:


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