G-Eazy bought what?

G-Eazy Just Spent Over AED100,000 On The Weirdest Thing

 If you’ve been thinking your dental bills are a bit high, we’re pretty sure they don’t compare to G-Eazy’s! He just spend 30,000USD (over 110,000 dirhams) on bling for his teeth!

The new grill is 14k rose gold, adorned with 500 diamonds and likely to blind anyone he smiles at.

Let’s hope it doesn’t affect his rap capabilities cuz that could be a pretty big waste of money if it does!


Childish Gambino’s New Video Features Beyonce, Drake and Will Smith…Cartoon Style!

 After breaking the internet with “This Is America”, Childish Gambino is back with another banger, “Feels Like Summer”. The video features an all-star cast with the biggest names in the business: Beyonce, Kanye West, Will Smith, J Cole, Drake, Nicki Minaj and many more, all as cartoons.


While it’s fun to figure out who each of the cartoons are, the most interesting part is to understand the meaning behind why each person is doing what they’re doing in the video. There’s even a scene of Michelle Obama comforting a crying Kanye West! It all has a message when you really look into it.


Bino – hats off! You’ve done it again!

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