The Hemsworth's Speak Out About Miley Cyrus!

The Hemsworth’s have remained relatively quiet when it comes to the divorce of Liam and Miley Cyrus.

But now Liam’s sister-in-law aka Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky has made some seriously surprising comments at a press conference

‘My brother-in-law, well… after a relationship that you’ve dedicated ten years to, he’s a little bit down, but he’s coping well.

‘He’s a strong boy and he deserves the best. I think he deserves much better.’  She also said that Liam is leaning on Chris for support

‘You always find support in your family, and he’s joined at the hip with [Chris], who has been there to give all the strength he needed.’

The comments come as a surprise since Elsa and Miley seemed close and even got matching tattoos together

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