Jamie Foxx opens up about his 20 day 'black out'


The Hollywood actor has opened up about his mysterious illness that led to a lengthy hospital stay in April 2023.

A TikTok video shared by Dr Brenda Combs shows actor Jamie Foxx telling a group of people that he experienced a severe headache and asked a friend for an Advil. 

Shockingly, Foxx went on to say he woke up 20 days later with no memory of what had transpired, describing the ordeal as a profound blackout.

The actor said that doctors indicated there was "something going on up there" in reference to his head, hinting at the seriousness of his medical condition. 

However, the actor was reluctant to disclose further details on camera, alluding to conversations off-screen about his health.

Since then, Foxx's daughter, Corinne Foxx, has reassured the public that her father is recovering well, expressing how grateful she was for their time together while working on the musical game show Beat Shazam.

Jamie Foxx had initially kept his health condition private, preferring to share details on his terms and in a manner he felt comfortable with.

Throughout his recovery, Foxx maintained a low profile, explaining to fans via Instagram his desire to avoid being seen in a vulnerable state during his healing process.

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