The Virgin Radio 100k Festive Cash Man

This week, the most generous man in the UAE is on the loose! 

The Virgin Radio 100k Festive Cash Man is back!  Listen for the clues of his location at 8am, 11am, 2pm, and 5pm… Then find him at Dubai Marina Mall every day from 6pm, and be the first to ask “Are you the Virgin Radio Festive Cash Man?!” – and win an instant 10 thousand dirhams cash. 

It’s The Virgin Radio 100k Festive Cash Man with Dubai Marina Mall – embark on a magically lit festive journey with fun family events, immersive performances and holiday experiences. 

Terms & Conditions

  • To win the cash prize, you need to say this exact phrase to the Festive Cash Man: ‘Are you the Virgin Radio Festive Cash Man?’ and if the Festive Cash Man says Yes, then you will be confirmed by an ARN representative on ground that you’ve won the prize. Remember if you miss a word in between and do not say the exact phrase, Festive Cash Man will deny that they are the Mystery Man.
  • Festive Cash Man will not be in costume. 


  • The Festive Cash Man will deny if the phrase is said outside the location of the day, the entry only counts if the phrase is said while the Festive Cash Man is in the location of the day


  • Festive Cash Man will be out and about at either Dubai Marina Mall or Dubai Mall each weekday at any time between 6pm to 7pm.


  • If you have won the Festive Cash Man prize money once, you cannot participate and win for the second time nor can your family participate again.


  • You can only be a winner if you’re not working for or a friend /family member of the employee of Emaar Malls Group or ARN team.


  • The prize money will be transferred to your bank account after you’ve won. 


  • Participants are required to be 18 and over to identify the Festive Cashman. Participants under 18 are required to be accompanied by an adult who is over 18.


  • Game Twists/play surprises should be expected and are subject to ARN’s discretion.


*Terms and Conditions Apply*

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