The Feed | September 8, 2020

The tennis umpire accidentally hit in the throat with a ball by Novak Djokovic is getting death threats.  The hit caused the tournament favorite to be defaulted from the match.  Djokovic has beg people to stop that on social media.  

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After winning her match at the U.S. Open, Serena Williams was asked if she saw the drama unfold with Novak Djokovic...she didn’t take the bait.  


Joe Exotic is going straight to the top and asking for a pardon of his 22 year sentence for murder for hire. The “Tiger King” star has written a 257 page letter to Donald Trump asking for release, giving a wide variety of reasons including that he says he’s been assaulted in prison and fears he won’t make it out alive. If he serves the full sentence he would get out in 2037.  No response yet from the Prez.  

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A gender reveal party has been found to be the cause of a huge fire in California. Apparently a group of people had a party in a wooded area and used cannons to blow out colored smoke.  The spark from the cannon caused the fire which is now destroyed more than 10000 acres, that’s about 40 square kilometers.  

A gender reveal party has been blamed for one of the many wildfires ravaging the US state of California. Officials say a "smoke-generating pyrotechnic device" at the event sparked the El Dorado fire that's since spread over 7,000 acres. Gender reveal gatherings, which dramatically reveal the sex of a child ahead of birth, have grown in popularity on social media in recent years. The fire is among many scorching California this summer amid unprecedented heatwaves. The largest blaze, known as the Creek Fire, has burned more than 73,000 acres is yet to be contained. Sunday saw the state record its highest ever temperature of 49.4C (121F). In response local fire services warned "it doesn't take much to start a wildfire", saying people who cause fires "can be held financially and criminally responsible". #Fire #GenderReveal #ElDorado #WildFire #California #ClimateChange #USA #bbcnews

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