The Feed | September 11, 2019

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, she can sell some form-shaping underwear.  Kim’s new line of Skims, what she calls a “solutionwear” sold $2 million worth in its first few minutes of release. For comparison, the similar Spanx brand makes about $4 million profit per year.  You might remember a few months ago when Kim originally announced the brand, it was called it Kimono.  She change the name to Skims after complaints that she was appropriating a pre-existing traditional Japanese garment. 

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Jennifer Lopez ay or may not be performing at America’s biggest sporting event, the Super Bowl (she is...count on it) but she definitely wants some little A Rods.  Watch her quick Q&A with Houda Kotb.  


And Amanda Bynes is back after a long time away.  The former Nickelodeon star just opened a new Instagram account sporting a new look, including a big nose ring and pink hair.  She's already posted four times, which is some good output.  Her account isn't even verified yet.

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Disney just posted this time lapse of Angelina Jolie becoming Maleficent, to remind us that the sequel, “Mistress of Evil” is in theaters October 18.

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The GOAT to the rescue.  Michael Jordan has announced that he’s going to donate $1 million to relief efforts after Hurricane Dorian ravaged much of the Bahamas.  Thousands are missing and many more have been left homeless after the storm, and Jordan, who visits frequently and owns property there, wants to help out.   He donated $2 million to similar hurricane relief efforts in North Carolina last year.  

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