The Feed | October 16, 2019

Tom Hanks has been the golden child of Hollywood for years. Everybody gets along with Tom Hanks, right? Not everybody it turns out. Henry Winkler, who’s been acting and directing movies and television for decades once directed a film with Tom Hanks and a dog called “Turner & Hooch.”  Winkler was apparently fired and from the sounds of things it was Hank’s that got him thrown off the film.  He was asked about it on “Watch What Happens Live.”  You can see he’s a little uncomfortable about the topic.


Turns out Travis Scott didn’t break his knee when he fell off stage the other day, but he did dislocate it. Doctors have told him that they like to wait a day or two to see if he needs surgery, but he wants to go under the knife. Travis is a an avid basketball fan and player and wants to get back on the court and be 100% . 


Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram less than 24 hours ago, and she already has over 7 million followers. And her first picture was Internet breaking.  It included all her “Friends” costars, and currently has more likes than she has followers. 

And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM 👋🏻

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And Fortnite took two days off, suspending play of the world's most popular video game.  But it came back in a big way with Chapter 2 (or season 11, if you prefer).  Here's a look at the second season:


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