The Feed | October 10, 2019

Selena Gomez was spotting going into Niall Horan's LA home over the weekend - and she brought supplies! Selena was carrying unidentified groceries in, which...awww.  The rumored couple was also pictured hanging out with other friends.


Is Justin Bieber joining the circus? Because he’s trying to learn how to ride a unicycle.  Justin was spotted on the one wheeled ride in Los Angeles, and he was having the usual trouble people have with they try out one of these for the first time.  He ate pavement a couple of times.
Joaquin Phoenix is probably much nicer than his Joker character. Joaquin was driving his Tesla Roadster in Los Angeles Tuesday when he accidentally ran it  into a fire truck that was parked. Instead of just driving off, the actor walked around looking for the paramedics who were driving the truck.  He found them make sure that he took responsibility for scraping up city property. To be fair, The Joker may have done the same thing but then he would’ve murdered everyone involved.  

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