The Feed | May 31, 2020

Denzel Washington is being called a hero and good Samaritan after helping diffuse a situation in Los Angeles between LAPD and a homeless man.  The man seemed to be in some kind of distress or panic, and as police approached, Denzel got out of his car to help calm down the situation.  The US is in a pretty sensitive state right now as you may know, so this situation could have gone quite differently.





Watch Bob & Doug, the astronauts on the SpaceX Dragon as they connect with the International Space Station!  It'll happen at 6:30pm UAE time!




Kylie Jenner is taking heat for wearing a VERY expensive pair of jeans on Instagram.  People are attacking Kylie flaunting her wealth with a $15,000 pair of jeans made by a brand called Chrome Hearts. Also? The diamond stud earrings she's wearing are reportedly worth $50,000.





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