The Feed | May 10, 2022

Rapper Young Thug has been arrested on multiple felony charges.  Police rated the rappers Atlanta home yesterday, and took him in on conspiracy to violate the racketeer influence and corrupt organizations act, as well as participation in criminal street gang activity.  So basically gang stuff.  Another rapper, Gunna, was also arrested along with 26 others.  There are 56 counts of criminal activity in this indictment, one of which accuses Young Thug of assisting in a murder. The rapper allegedly rented a 2014 Infiniti Q50, used to murder rival Gang member in 2015.  You can see Thugger getting hold out of his house in handcuffs… He’s in his underwear and a tank top, looks like he was pulled out a bed. 
You probably already know about the dress that Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala last week… It was a very famous dress once worn by Marilyn Monroe during an iconic moment when she sang the song “Happy Birthday” to then-President John F Kennedy.  The dress, which had to be slightly altered to fit Kim’s body, came from Ripleys Believe It or Not… And we also got a behind-the-scenes look at another gift that Ripleys gave Kim, a lock of Maryland‘s hair, reportedly clipped the same day as the Madison Square Garden event.  The way Ripley‘s tells it, the hair was from Maryland’s personal hairstylist, but some Internet people with lots of time on their hands dug through history and found a receipt from a different stylist on that day… Suggesting that this hair is either not Marilyn’s, or at least not from the day in question. So whose hair does Kim have? The world may never know… by the way according to this receipt, Marilyn Monroe paid US$150 for her hair do in 1962.  Adjusted for inflation, but about US$1500, or about AED 5,500.  That’s a pricey cut.
It looks like Warner Brothers might be making a move to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash. Ezra‘s high profile arrests and unusual behavior have led many to think that his days as the superhero are numbered. Now, rumor has it that Warner Brothers is seriously considering actor Dylan O’Brien, who you might know from the MTV series “Teen Wolf,” the “Maze Runner” movies, or the Netflix film “Love and Monsters.”  This is all rumor right now, but since Ezra has been arrested seven times, the WB bosses have got to be thin on patience. 
An Andy Warhol silkscreen of Marilyn Monroe has broken a new record for art.  Christie’s Auctions dropped the hammer on “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” for $195 million, the most ever paid for a 20th century artwork.  The winning bidder is anonymous… the final bid was $170 million, but fees cranked it up another $25 million.  If you adjust for inflation, 10 other paintings have actually sold for more… So this ranks number 11.   Watch the bidding action start at about 1:50:00:
Apparently Kevin Hart has a new title in the UAE - Chief Island Officer of Yas Island:


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