The Feed | June 22, 2020

Justin Bieber is denying allegations of assaulting a woman, and he says he has the receipts to prove it.  A woman named Danielle said in some now-deleted tweets that Bieber assaulted her back in 2014 in Austin, Texas at a Four Seasons Hotel.  Justin got on Twitter yesterday himself and in several posts detailed how he says the allegations are untrue. Justin even provided a receipt from an Airbnb that he and Selena Gomez shared the evening the woman claimed the assault happened.  Justin says he takes all of these allegations seriously and says he’s working with Twitter to take legal action. 
“Hamilton,” The Broadway show that was impossible to get tickets for, is coming to Disney+ streaming and then we’ve got the first trailer.  


How about a real live movie trailer? Something you can see in theaters.  You the future.  The trailer for the “Kingsman” prequel “The King’s Man” starring Ralph Fiennes is out.  It’s expected in theaters around September 18.


DJ Khaled emerged from his home for the first time in 3 1/2 months to get some dental work done.  Khaled wasn’t messing around either. He came out in full hazmat suit. 
 A guitar played by Kurt Cobain has just become the most expensive guitar of all time.  Kurt use the guitar on a famous episode of MTV “Unplugged” series.  The instrument just went up for auction and sold for US $6 million.  It was bought by the founder of Røde microphones. 

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