The Feed | June 16, 2020

The 2021 Academy Awards are going to be postponed due to coronavirus concerns. Which is probably for the best because we haven’t had many movies this year anyway.  The awards have been pushed forward nearly 2 months to April 25.  The deadline for movies excepted for consideration has also been pushed forward to February 28th, instead of her usual January 1st.  

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Stephen Amell, AKA The Arrow in the DC Comics show, has been fighting with a neighbor for three years. The actor says the woman has been doing illegal construction on her home, and Steven and his wife have complained many times. Apparently it all came to ahead this weekend when the woman came over and did something on Arrow’s roof only typically done in the bathroom.  He even post a picture of the “deposit” on his Instagram.   It looks like she had a big lunch. 



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Jay Pharoah from "SNL" just shared a scary experience of an encounter he had with police earlier this year.  Imagine if he wasn't Google-able.

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