The Feed | August 15, 2019



If you missed it, A$AP Rocky was found guilty by a court in Sweden of assaulting a man in the street.  The judge in the case decided to suspend Rocky’s sentence, and give him probation instead, meaning no more jail time. It didn’t matter anyway, as the rapper left Sweden a couple weeks ago, but it probably feels good to know that he’s not a wanted man.  A$AP was also ordered to pay the victim a fine of about $1300, which probably won’t break the bank.  However...he says in an Instagram post that he’s “disappointed” with the verdict. 


Jay Z and his Roc Nation label have partnered with the NFL to create entertainment and also bring social awareness to the football league in the wake of the Colin Kaepernick situation, which has been a big thing in the US for a couple of years.  Colin, A former player for the San Francisco 49ers, achieved worldwide fame for his refusing to stand for the US national anthem.  His protest was to bring awareness to police brutality against black people, and it caused a lot of controversy.  So, this Jay Z partnership is a big deal to try to heal some wounds.  Here is Jay talking with NFL commissioner Roger Goodelle at a big media press conference yesterday.




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