The Feed | April 13, 2020

“30 Rock” and former SNL star Tracy Morgan apparently ran into a pedestrian with his Lamborghini in New York City.  But just a little bit.  Tracy was spotted arguing with the man about who had the right of way.  They both seem to agree to disagree and the guy limps away while Tracy jets off in his Lambo.  By the way, neither was wearing a mask and they definitely weren’t 2 meters apart. Social distancing please!

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“The Animaniacs” are coming back.  The cartoon, which ran for five years in the 90s, then perpetually in reruns, has finally signed off on a two season order, which will begin this fall. The good news is the original voice artists will return, and the even better news is sister show “Pinky and The Brain” will come back too.  


Andrea Bocelli did a special 30 minute performance yesterday in Italy.  Millions watched the live stream of “Music for Hope” as Bocelli sang in both Italian and English.  You can watch the whole performance here:



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