The Best UAE #10YearChallenge Posts!


If you've been in the UAE since 2008 or 2009, the #10YearChallenge will be incredible nostalgic for you, and reminding you just how much it's changed in such a short space of time. 

Brands across the UAE have begun using the #10YearChallenge to show off their growth in the region, and the glow-up on some are insane, take a look at our favourites below. 

1: Barasti Beach

Remember when Barasti has a pool?! And we're not talking about the new one. Barasti has made so many subtle changes throughout the past decade, you sometimes forget the major changes they made... like filling in a gigantic swimming pool on their main deck. 

2: SkyDive Dubai


The SkyDive Dubai zone looks barely recognizable from what it once was 10 years ago! While SkyDive Dubai wasn't born until 2010, the drop zone had been around for a while for professional jumpers. It then quickly became one of the bucket list things to do in Dubai for residents and visitors alike. On a side note, Zero Gravity arrived later on too! 

3: Burj Khalifa


Celebrating their 10th birthday on the 4th January, it was only right to share a 10-year challenge photo, October 2009 saw the end of construction to the World's Tallest Building, with it opening to the public in January of 2010, so we were treated to a photo of the Burj Khalifa during its final days of construction - what a beauty! 

Now, not everyone has taken part in the 10 Year Challenge, so we thought we would make some of our own to show you just how much the UAE has changed in a decade. 

4: Vox Cinemas


Remember when Vox was CineStar?! Back in 2011 the cinema branch rebranded to Vox Cinemas, and since then has been getting bigger and better, form offering 5* food by celebrity chefs to catering only to the kids. Not to mention the number of new branches they have opened up! 

5: JBR


This beach has transformed in the last 10 years, from a standard public beach to one of the hottest spots to catch a tan, go for a shop, watch a movie and eat some incredible food. Not to mention how Instagrammable the walk has become!

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