Lindsay Lohan Exclusive News!

Today The Kris Fade Show had a different fun funny morning! It started by Kris Fade making a prank on Big Rossi that he might be losing his job... and everyone FREAKED OUT! Kris Fade planned the prank very very well as he unfollowed Big Rossi from the official Virgin Radio Dubai instagram account and that's where it all started. 

After an hour of freaking out, Big Rossi started posting his radio testing videos so he can apply for other jobs. Just then, Kris Fade plays a voice message by the talented amazing star Lindsay Lohan saying that it was all a prank! 


Kris Fade was chatting with Lindsay last night, and she was actually talking to him about her new song! YES SHE IS BACK IN THE STUDIOS! and she gave The Kris Fade Show and Virgin Radio Dubai the exclusive news along with a teaser from her new track. 

You can listen to a snippet of the song below: 



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