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We want to create a digital world that is fun, interactive and safe for you to use. For your protection, we take what happens in it seriously. We monitor posts and deal with any inappropriate behaviour (see ‘Our Rules’, below). So feel free to get involved! Try our websites, SMS numbers and social networking feeds.
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For Your Own Safety

  • Be careful. Digital acts are forever. Never post anything that you might regret later.
  • Be discrete. Do you really need to disclose that private or personally identifying information?
  • Be polite. Never post comments that are abusive, obscene or may offend someone.
  • Be respectful. Never cyber-bully others and do report bullying to us if you encounter it by emailing us at
  • Be legal. Never post anything that you did not produce yourself.
  • Be intuitive. If you feel uncomfortable about posting something – don’t!

Our Rules
In addition to any legal obligation we might have and our Website Terms of Use rights, we may suspend or ban your participation and will remove any post which:

  • shares or distributes content that is owned by another person; in particular, others’ copyrighted photos, videos, audio and text;​​​​​​
  • contains anything that is obscene or defamatory (i.e. harms the reputation of another person);
  • is against the maintenance of law and order;
    • is a contempt of court (i.e. disobeys or is disrespectful of a courts’ authority);
    • publicises any individual, company, society or body without our approval;
    • advertises any brand, product or service without our approval;
    • seeks funds or donations without the written authority of the beneficiary and us;
    • offends God, Islamic beliefs or other religions;
    • does not respect the country’s system of government, symbols and political institutions;
    • does not respect the country’s cultural heritage;
    • offends national unity and social cohesion or incites sectarian or tribal strife;
    • does not respect the country’s internal and external politics and orientation;
    • offends the country’s economic system or spreads misleading rumors or news;
    • does not respect the country’s desire to promote its national identity;
    • is harmful to children, women and other social groups or incites hatred and violence;
    • publishes pictures or words that are morally unacceptable;
    • promotes witchcraft or astrology;
    • does not respect intellectual property rights;
    • does not respect ethical conduct, honesty and integrity;
    • promotes alcoholic beverages or banned narcotic substances;
    • promotes tobacco, smoking of any kind or any other prohibited service or product; or
    • does not comply with health advertisement legal requirements.

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