• Win and Live Rent Free For A Year

    We've recorded 5 celebrities laughing at home! Work out who they are and you could be living rent free for a year!

    We've teamed up with Dubai Asset Management to hook you up with a year of rent free living in a 2 bedroom villa in Dubai's Layan Community.

    We'll also throw in AED 10,000 to spend at Home Centre to make over your new home!


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    Hit play and listen to the 5 laughs that could score you this huge prize.
    Check out the incorrect guesses below and try to work out the 5 celebrities in the correct order.

    Your chance to guess is 8am, 11am, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm every weekday!

Our winner

ICYMI: Dynel guessed the 5 mystery laughs in the correct order and is getting ready to move into his 2 bedroom villa in...

Posted by Virgin Radio Dubai on Thursday, August 20, 2020

Previous guesses

Using a stapler Cracking a fortune cookie
Shaking a box of pins Eating potato chips
Shovel striking the ground in a groundbreaking ceremony Putting a coin in a Carrefour trolley
A manufacturing machine pressing a mould Crushing a metal drinks can
Stepping on dry leaves at Town Square Turning on a flash light
Canon camera taking a picture Using a old school typewriter
Stamping of a ticket at the carousel Tagging a product with a price gun
Sliding doors at Carrefour closing Coins going in a cash register
Clicking of a kaleidoscope Sound Of a skateboard being ridden
Legs of ironing board latching on a hinge Clipping flowers with a clipper
Throwing away trash on a Mac computer A spring makes when you jump on a trampoline
Butterfly flapping its wings a ribbon cutting using a scissor
Vending Machine Accepting a note (money) Sound of an egg tray when it opens
The opening and closing of a butterfly lock Basketball going into a hoop made of chains

  • Your new villa

  • Layan community located on Emirates Road in DubaiLand features a range of stylish 2, 3 and 4 bedroom villas and modern 2 and 3 bedroom apartments to rent.

    If you correctly guess the 5 celebrities laughing in the correct order you can live rent free for a year inside a stunning 2 Bedroom Ground Floor Villa.

    Bonus chance to win

    We've got bonus chances to win AED10,000 to spend at Home Centre too!

    Just fill in your details and we could be calling you back and hooking you up with a load of cash to spend on beautiful new furnishings for your home!