• Win AED 50,000

    A new year and we're doing it again! Virgin Radio and Town Square Dubai by Nshama are putting 50,000 dirhams on the line!

    All you have to do is listen very closely to Virgin Radio's 50k Secret Sound, identify it and the jackpot of up to 50k is yours!

    The jackpot starts at AED 10,000 and for every wrong guess, we add another AED 1,000 until the jackpot reaches a staggering AED 50K!


  • Listen now

    Hit play and listen to Virgin Radio's 50K Secret Sound as much as you want!
    Hear it, know it, win it!

    Listen to Virgin Radio and get ready to be the Virgin caller at 8am, 11am, 3pm and 5pm each weekday for your chance to get your hands on the jackpot!

Incorrect guesses

Using a stapler Cracking a fortune cookie
Shaking a box of pins Eating potato chips
Shovel striking the ground in a groundbreaking ceremony Putting a coin in a Carrefour trolley
A manufacturing machine pressing a mould Crushing a metal drinks can
Stepping on dry leaves at Town Square Turning on a flash light
Canon camera taking a picture Using a old school typewriter
Stamping of a ticket at the carousel Tagging a product with a price gun
Sliding doors at Carrefour closing Coins going in a cash register
Clicking of a kaleidoscope Sound Of a skateboard being ridden
Legs of ironing board latching on a hinge Clipping flowers with a clipper
Throwing away trash on a Mac computer A spring makes when you jump on a trampoline
Butterfly flapping its wings a ribbon cutting using a scissor
Vending Machine Accepting a note (money) Sound of an egg tray when it opens
The opening and closing of a butterfly lock Basketball going into a hoop made of chains

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    Town Square Dubai is a trendy and sought-after neighborhood by Nshama, featuring a range wide range of residential and lifestyle opportunities!

    Located in the heart of the development is Town Square Dubai Park where there are loads of exciting daily activities. Experience the Carousel, Water Splash Pad, kids’ train, Kids water fountain, Wave Rider, Trampoline Park, covered kids’ playground, food trucks, roaming entertainment and so much more!

    There is something for the whole family with facilities for under 12s and for older kids, a trampoline park, Wave Rider, skatepark and basketball court all within walking distance of the residential properties of Town Square Dubai by NSHAMA plus Fantasy parades and stage performances from 4pm every weekend!

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