• Win and Live Rent Free For A Year

    We've recorded 5 celebrities laughing at home! Work out who they are and you could be living rent free for a year!

    We've teamed up with Dubai Asset Management to hook you up with a year of rent free living in a 2 bedroom villa in Dubai's Layan Community.

    We'll also throw in AED 10,000 to spend a Home Centre to make over your new home!


  • Listen now

    Hit play and listen to the 5 laughs that could score you this huge prize.
    Check out the incorrect guesses below and try to work out the 5 celebrities in the correct order.

    Your chance to guess is 8am, 11am, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm every weekday!

Previous guesses

Monday 3 August          
Camila Cabello Jimmy Fallon Shawn Mendes Dua Lipa Ellen 1 correct
Camila Cabello Dua Lipa Ellen Jimmy Fallon Shawn Mendes 1 correct
Jennifer Aniston Kevin Hart Ellen DeGeneres Brent Black Kris Fade 0 correct
Nicki Minaj Dakota Johnson Seth Rogen Priyanka Chopra Shawn Mendes 1 correct
Tiffany Haddish Selena Gomez Cardi B Justin Bieber Jason Derulo 0 correct
Mel B Ariana Grande Jimmy Fallon Dua Lipa Shawn Mendes 1 correct
Tuesday 4 August          
Ellen Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes Dua Lipa Adam Levine 1 correct
Ellen Camila Cabello Jimmy Fallon Dua Lipa Shawn Mendes 1 correct
Mel B Camila Cabello Seth Rogen Jimmy Fallon Harry Styles 0 correct
Adele Jimmy Fallon Kris Fade Beyonce Shawn Mendes 0 correct
Ellen Nicki Minaj Shawn Mendes Priyanka Chopra Jimmy Fallon 1 correct
Nicki Minaj Jennifer Aniston Camila Cabello Dua Lipa Shawn Mendes 2 correct
Wednesday 3 August          
Nicki Minaj Dua Lipa Ryan Gosling Ryan Seacrest Billie Eilish 2 correct
Nicki Minaj Emma Watson Ricky Gervais Dua Lipa Louis Tomlinson 2 correct
Nicki Minaj Dua Lipa Martin Garrix Priti Malik ♥️ Charlie Puth 2 correct
Kanye West Kim Kardashian Miley Cyrus The Rock Nicki Minaj 1 correct
Nicki Minaj Dua Lipa Da Baby Jennifer Lawrence Burt Reynolds 2 correct
Nicki Minaj Jennifer Lawrence Dua Lipa Will Smith Taylor Swift 2 correct
Thursday 6 August          
Dua Lipa Nicki Minaj Chris Hemsworth Tom Cruise Harry Styles 2 correct
Nicki Minaj Anna Kendrick James McAvoy Dua Lipa Nick Jonas 2 correct
Nicki Minaj Dua Lipa Bradley Cooper Angelina Jolie Elijah Wood 2 correct
Camila Cabello Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Adam Levine Ellen 0 correct
Nicki Minaj Lily James Jim Carey Dua Lipa Ed Sheeran 2 correct
Nicki Minaj Maisie Williams Finneas O'Connell Dua Lipa Scott Dissick 2 correct

  • Your new villa

  • Layan community located on Emirates Road in DubaiLand features a range of stylish 2, 3 and 4 bedroom villas and modern 2 and 3 bedroom apartments to rent.

    If you correctly guess the 5 celebrities laughing in the correct order you can live rent free for a year inside a stunning 2 Bedroom Ground Floor Villa.

    Bonus chance to win

    We've got bonus chances to win AED10,000 to spend at Home Centre too!

    Just fill in your details and we could be calling you back and hooking you up with a load of cash to spend on beautiful new furnishings for your home!