• Win AED 50,000

    YES, we did it again! Virgin Radio and Wavo by OSN put 50,000 dirhams on the line!

    Just for guessing the secret sound that was taken from a show on Wavo.


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    Hit play and listen to Virgin Radio's 50K Secret Sound as much as you want!
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The Winner

Using a stapler Cracking a fortune cookie
Shaking a box of pins Eating potato chips
Shovel striking the ground in a groundbreaking ceremony Putting a coin in a Carrefour trolley
A manufacturing machine pressing a mould Crushing a metal drinks can
Stepping on dry leaves at Town Square Turning on a flash light
Canon camera taking a picture Using a old school typewriter
Stamping of a ticket at the carousel Tagging a product with a price gun
Sliding doors at Carrefour closing Coins going in a cash register
Clicking of a kaleidoscope A skateboard being ridden
Legs of ironing board latching on a hinge Clipping flowers with a clipper
Throwing away trash on a Mac computer A spring makes when you jump on a trampoline
Butterfly flapping its wings A ribbon cutting using a scissor
Vending Machine Accepting a note (money) An egg tray when it opens
The opening and closing of a butterfly lock Basketball going into a hoop made of chains
Basket of the Dyna Bomb Street Basketball Freestyle Game Machine getting hit Hole Punch
A gun reloading on the video game Halo  An eggshell cracking when an egg falls


#1: CHINA #2: EXPO
#9: TRAFFIC #10: VAN

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