Virgin Radio Dubai V-Pass General Conditions

Use of the Virgin Radio Dubai V-Pass Card (“V-Pass Card”) constitutes acceptance of these General Conditions listed as follows;

  1. The V-Pass Card is valid for one (1) year from the earlier date of issue or receipt.
  2. The V-Pass Card may only be used for the offer of entry into Virgin Radio Dubai sponsored events within the UAE and excludes all events advertised by ARN’s commercial clients and/or affiliates.
  3. The V-Pass Card cannot be used to gain access into any event without actual physical tickets being presented, or being featured on the guest list.
  4. To request tickets of an applicable event, V-Pass Card holders must notify the Virgin Radio Marketing team at least ten (10) working days in advance of the event date by emailing and
  5. An email confirmation of event access or receipt of physical tickets will serve as confirmation of a completed request. All tickets issued under V-Pass Card will be general admission tickets only.
  6. Events may be subject to a minimum age entrance requirement and therefore V-Pass Card holders may not receive access should the minimum age requirement not be met.
  7. The V-Pass Card remains the property of Arabian Radio Network FZ-LLC (“ARN”) and must be returned upon request.  
  8. The V-Pass Card retains no monetary value and does not guarantee bookings or reservations of advertised events. 
  9. The V-Pass Card is non-transferable and must be used exclusively by the V-Pass Card holder whereby relevant identification document(s) must be presented on request.

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