The Feed | September 8, 2019

Breaking news!  Here's everything you need to know about tickets for the BTS show in Riyadh on October 11!
Nicki Minaj says she’s retired from the music business.  But is she really?  Nicki put out a tweet Thursday saying, “I’ve decided to retire & have a family.”  Nicki deleted that tweet after a lot of fans expressed confusion, sadness, and demanded answers. Then she tweeted that the tweet was insensitive, and that she’ll talk more about it in her podcast.  So apparently she has enough time to do that at least. She’s also not retiring from the fashion business, as she’s been plugging her new Fendi line a lot over the weekend.  
In Toronto this weekend Shawn Mendes, on the last show of his North American tour, gave his hometown a little surprise when Camila Cabello joined him on stage for a little “Señorita.” 


“Joker” won the coveted Golden Lion prize at the Venice Film Festival this weekend.  It’s a rarity for a Hollywood film to get the big honor in Venice, but “Joker” starring Joaquin Phoenix has been getting huge buzz, and had an eight minute standing ovation at it’s showing last week.  The film comes out in the UAE in early October.

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Another reason to watch “The Crown” when it comes back on Netflix in November: “The X-Files” star Gillian Anderson has been cast as Margaret Thatcher.  The streaming network did a good job of keeping that one quiet.  

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