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Singer and Whitney Houston husband Bobby Brown was taken off a flight from Los Angeles to Boston yesterday after the flight crew determined he was too intoxicated to fly. Bobby could be heard yelling at officers after being taken off the plane, saying that he had to get to his brothers funeral. According to TMZ, Bobby’s brother died in 2016. Witnesses from the first class cabin say that Bobby didn’t seem to be causing a disturbance, but the flight crew must’ve felt otherwise.  He missed his flight, but was allowed to get on a later one.

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Everyone wants to know why Katy Perry bought a clown costume at a party store in Los Angeles yesterday.  Everyone loves a clown, right?  Maybe it’s for her appearance on Ellen, which was just announced. She’ll sing and do an interview on the show next Wednesday.  

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If you wanted to see what Post Malone’s home where he plans to wait out the zombie apocalypse looks like, here you go.  Someone found this old real estate posting on Instagram, and it turns out this is the place Post bought for about $4 million recently, with plans of turning into a survival shelter, just in case the world ends. Post has previously said that he plans on building an underground living area on the property.

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Watch Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon hang out at Midieval Times.  Post even gets knighted!



And here's Lana Del Rey covering Ariana Grande's hit song "Break Up With Your Girlfriend."  Loungey!



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