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Ben Affleck doesn't appear to be handling sobriety well.  He was spotted in LA Saturday night coming out of a Halloween party stumbling around, nearly falling down.  He was in a Malibu rehab facility just over a year ago, but sadly it looks like he's back at it. 




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Gucci Mane is hanging out in Dubai this week and he keeps posting videos of himself walking around in a kandura trying to fit in.  Here he's strolling around Satwa (or maybe that's Naif?) trying to, as he says "not look like a tourist." A good effort.



Trying not to look like a tourist in Dubai! 🤷🏿‍♂️

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Then in Dubai Mall (or as he calls it, The Mall of Dubai) where he's less successful at blending in - check the two massive bodyguards behind him holding his shopping bags.



Lil Shopping 🛒 at the Mall of Dubai 💰🙏🏿

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Best of all is when he's at a club flashing his money - all 60 dirhams.  Maybe he spent the rest at the Mall of Dubai.



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And this sweater that Kurt Cobain famously wore during his band Nirvana's "MTV Unplugged" show in 1994 just sold at auction for $344,000!


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