The Feed | November 13, 2019

People magazine has made its annual sexiest man alive announcement. This year John Legend takes the crown, much to his wife Chrissy Teigen‘s delight.  She says it’s a dream come true, but I can’t say why here. You’ll just have to use your imagination.   John says he’s “excited but a little bit scared at the same time.”
Their kids tho?  Not terribly impressed.

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Disney+ had a bumpy start to its official launch yesterday.  Thousands of new subscribers complained of login problems and service errors.  That’s not bad though, if you consider the millions of people are using a service for the very first time.  People who love TV show “The Simpsons” complained that the aspect ratio of the series is wrong, and Disney+ crops out some on screen jokes.  Meanwhile, Disney also offered a pre-apology to people who could be offended by some old film’s “outdated cultural depictions,” which is probably a long way of saying racism.  

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are talks for a new “Friends” series in 2020 featuring the original cast.  The website says that HBO wants to create and unscripted series featuring the original six actors when it’s streaming service HBO Max launches next year.  

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Did you know at 93 years old Queen Elizabeth still rides a horse?  She was spotted on horseback at her Windsor Castle grounds this week clopping along.  It shouldn’t be surprising though.  She was given her first pony at the age of four, so she’s been riding for nearly 90 years.

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