The Feed | May 4, 2021

Ben Affleck is trending right now because he apparently sent a girl a video after she unmatched him on a exclusive dating app called Raya.  Navine Joy posted a TikTok video recalling the time Ben sent her the video proof after she unmatched him.  
One of the wealthiest couples in the world is getting a divorce. Bill and Melinda Gates said they are parting ways after 27 years of marriage. They both announced the divorce on Twitter with identical messages.  Their charitable organization, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will continue its work.  No word on how the couple will split up their $127 billion fortune.  There was no prenup.


Britney Spears has commented on all the recent documentaries about her life.  To summarize, she says she’s flattered by the attention, but also says the documentaries are hypocritical, since they’re bringing the attention to all the negative things.  She also said she can’t wait to get out and dance in other studios outside her house… And she’s getting a Koi pond, so there’s that.  
Yesterday we saw Will Smith posting his dad bod pictures saying he’s in the worst shape of his life, and now today Mark Wahlberg is here showing that he’s gained 20 pounds of what appears to be mostly fat in the past three weeks. He said he’s got 20 more pounds to go, and yes it’s for a role. 
Today is "Star Wars Day" (May the Fourth Be With You!) and Disney is celebrating by releasing a new animated Star Wars series called "The Bad Batch."  Here's the trailer:


This TikTok went viral showing Adam Sandler being turned away at an IHOP when he realized there would be a 30 minute wait.  Adam says he only left because he was told "the all-you-can-eat deal didn't include milkshakes."  We think he's kidding. 

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