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Chrissy Teigen took some time off social media after a very public beef with a cookbook author and social media chef.  Alison Roman, who’s recipes have become very hot since everybody’s been staying home learning how to cook, did an interview where she slammed Marie Kondo and Chrissy for “selling out.”  Roman criticize Chrissy for using her social media platform as a “content farm” following the success of her own cookbook.  Chrissy took the news hard:
Alison then posted an apology:
But that was three days ago.  Last night Alison posted a more thorough apology, saying she should have expressed herself without taking someone else down.
Chrissy left Twitter for about 18 hours (how did she survive?).  Apology accepted, we can call this /beef. 
The Food Network is going to air a special food competition unlike any other. Guy Fieri versus Bill Murray in a nacho making competition. Terry Crews and Shaquille O’Neal will judge the comp, dubbed “The Nacho Average Showdown.” It will air live on the Food TV Facebook page at 12am May 16 KSA time (that’s Friday night for us), definitely a good reason to stay up. Guy Fieri and Bill Murray taking us to flavor town. 
Also, this:  people are going crazy about designer Vera Wang, and how she looks at 70(!).  Vera did a fact check on herself - she says it’s true.   She also has excepted the challenge of developing a skincare line - although I have a suspicion that genetics might be involved here.  

@verawang, for your next project can you design us a skincare routine? Pls and thnx. (📷: @verawang)

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Chris Pratt just got a pretty solid haircut from his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.  

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Nooooo... word is we’re not gonna see The Queen until fall.  A source quoted by The Sunday Times says, “The Queen won’t do anything which goes against the advice of people in her [age] category, and she’s going to take all the appropriate advice. There are discussions what we could do and couldn’t do come October.”  A Buckingham Palace spokesman says, “The Queen continues to be busy and will follow appropriate advice on engagements.”  At 94, that’s probably good advice. 

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And here's how Becky Lynch, WWE superstar left pro wrestling last night on Monday Night Raw. 

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