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Demi Lovato appeared on Ellen Friday and gave a pretty revealing interview about her struggles with eating disorders and her relapse.  One of the saddest things is that she wasn't allowed to eat her own birthday cake in the past, and that her team would make a watermelon look like a cake and put some whipped cream on it. Demi says it was things like that but through her back into relapse, nearly killing her.


She's hiding it no more! Katy Perry showed off her large baby bump in Melbourne yesterday.    She's hanging out at the ICC Women's T20 World Cup, the finals of which will happen today on international women's Day. Meanwhile where does that Katie and her man Orlando Bloom are thinking about changing their wedding plans. The initial plan was to get married in Japan later this year, but due to concerns over the Corona virus, they may move it to the US.


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The NBA is considering having games played at arenas with no fans and no media present due to the Corona virus.  When asked about the possibility of playing in an empty arena, here's what LeBron James had to say:

Selena Gomez says her first kiss was one of the worst day of her life. Turns out Selena's first kiss was an acting kiss on the show "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody."  Selena said she had a huge crush on star Cole Sprouse, But her stage kiss was with his brother Dylan, who's now famous for starring in the show "Riverdale."  According to Selena, it wasn't great. check out this clip from Kelly Clarkson's talk show.

Jonas and wife bronchitis celebrated Holi 5 days early in Mumbai India. Turns out it's Nick's first Holi celebration.  He's covered in color, so it looks like he did it right. Nick called India his second home.


Fans worried about Post Malone should stop worrying, according to Post Malone.  A video from one of his recent shows showed post falling down and rolling around on stage while performing. But don't worry, that's just Post being Post. He apparently saw some of the internet chatter, and at one of his shows this weekend said he's not on anything or addicted to anything, and feeling great.






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