The Feed | June 7, 2021

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fought to the distance this morning, getting through 8 rounds.  There was a lot of holding by Logan... There were no knockdowns or knockouts.  The crowd booed on several occasions because of the lack of action.  As per the rules, no winner was announced.  Of course the real winners are both Logan and Floyd due to the money they’ll make, especially Floyd - he says he’ll make between $50-100 million for the night. 


Floyd making it look easy 😮#MayweatherPaul

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News alerts pinged all over the world last night as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the arrival of their second child.  The couple had a daughter on Friday morning - and somehow kept it a secret.  Her name is Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.  She’s named both after the Queen and Harry’s mother, and joins older brother Archie.



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A woman who says she was testing out the security at her daughter’s middle school has been arrested for trespassing.  30-year-old Casey Garcia posed as her 7th grade daughter and documented it on TikTok.  She got the right wardrobe and the face mask she had to wear helped quite a bit.  Casey got through most of the day before finally being called out and sent to the principal’s office.  No after-school detention for her - the police eventually arrested Casey.  The school is reviewing it security policies, so whatever her motivations, some good probably will come out of it.  



Magawa, the giant African pouched rat who has spent the last 5 years clearing land mines in Cambodia is retiring a hero.  The rat successfully cleared over 141,000 square meters of land, sniffing out 78 land mines and 38 unexploded devices.  That makes the land safe for use and saves lives in the process.  Magawa was recently given a gold medal for bravery from a British charity, which is adorable.


A woman in the Philippines was surprised to find something other than fried chicken in her order when she got food delivered to her home.  Alique Perez says she thought the battered, deep-fried chicken she bought for her son was really hard to cut into...that’s when she discovered it wasn’t chicken at all...but a deep-fried hand towel. The Jolibee location when the order originated has been shut down while the company investigates. 


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