The Feed | February 9, 2020

Steve Harvey's daughter Lori escaped an attempted carjacking, and we've got the security camera footage that caught the whole thing.  Lori had just gone shopping, and when she came back home to unload her groceries a guy can be seen creeping up to her 2020 Rolls Royce.  While she's in the back, he jumps into the driver seat ready to take off.  Lori opens the door a couple times to try to pull the guy out, but then realizes she's got the kees fob, and can just walk off, since the car isn't driveable without it.  The guy's accomplice comes to take some stuff from the car, which turns out to be clothes.  Probably not the big payday they were hoping for.  Police are on the hunt for the two men who got away.


Jennifer Lopez got emotional talking about her Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira.  She's been working on it for a couple months, and when she spoke to Jimmy Fallon, there were a few tears.

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