The Feed | August 29, 2019

“The fastest woman on four wheels” has died.  Jessi Combs, who broke a land speed record in a jet modified to ride on wheels passed away trying to do a similar stunt.  Back in 2016 she set the female land speed record at 769 KPH.  She was trying to break that record when the jet car crashed.  Jessi was also known for appearances on the TV shows “Mythbusters” and “Overhaulin’” on the Discovery Channel.  She was 36.

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Call him Professor McConaughey.  The University of Texas in Austin will be adding Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey to its faculty as a professor for the Department of Radio Television and Film.  He’ll begin teaching this fall.  

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A woman in Mexico is extremely lucky to be alive after falling off her apartment’s patio while attempting a yoga pose for social media.  The woman fell 80 feet onto her building’s driveway, breaking 110 bones. After facial and leg reconstruction, doctors say she’ll recover, but probably won’t walk for the next three years or so.  This still shot of her going over the rail has gone viral.
And here’s the final trailer for “Joker” starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Batman villain. Word is Joaquin lost over 50 pounds for the role, and you can definitely tell.  “Joker” is in cinemas October 3rd.  



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