The Feed | August 19, 2019


Something has happened to Chrissy Teigen‘s lips, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it. Chrissy showed up on social media with a massive trout pout - her lips are gigantic, especially the top one.  Chrissy, never one to hide such a thing, posted pics and has begun to detail what happened.  Chrissy refers to coming to her home state of Utah for a wedding, where the bad reaction occurred.  She mentions it’s angioedema,  the swelling of the layers of the skin, and that altitude sickness can bring it on.
Then Chrissy did the reasonable thing - blamed the bride and groom.
Kim Kardashian is actually giving someone else credit for her career, and it’s pretty sweet. Kim was talking to sister Khloe in this totally impromptu and not staged conversation when she gave props to her longtime friend (and occasional frenemy) Paris Hilton.


Blake Lively has given husband Ryan Reynolds what he calls the greatest gift he’s ever received from her. It’s a painting Blake commission showing a Ryan as a boy delivering newspapers in front of his childhood home. No idea what the occasion was, but Ryan says this is the first thing he will grab if there’s ever a house fire, and that he would come for Blake after.
“24” and “Designated Survivor” star Kiefer Sutherland isn’t only an actor, but he’s also a musician. And he must be Pretty good, because he’s been on tour in Europe. But not anymore. Kiefer just revealed that he fell down some stairs, injuring a rib, and won’t be able to finish the last three dates on his band’s current tour.  

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